STORM SPRING Lowering Springs for KIA Soul 2014+



- Authentic Storm Lowering Springs



- Designed and manufactured by Storm Spring in South Korea



- Best quality guaranteed

100% independent Korean suspension company since 2004



- Manufactured by 100% cold forming steel



- 20% stronger than factory springs and lighter + more durable than OEM springs



- Under warranty for 5 years and 100,000 km (approximately 60,000 miles)



- Compatible with OEM suspension (shocks/struts/abosorbers)



- 1 SET: 4 Pieces



-  Drop on Front:  Approximately 1.38 inches

- Drop on Rear:  Approximately 0.98 inches



- Spring Rate on Front:  156.23 lb/in

- Spring Rate on Rear:  137.19 lb/in





Shipping Options:

Ocean Freight - 3~5 weeks for delivery from order date

Air Freight - 7~10 business days for delivery from order date




(Pictures are on Kia Soul 10-13)











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STORM SPRING is a company located in South Korea founded in 2004 to supply aftermarket suspension parts for Hyundai, Kia, and Chevrolet vehicles.
Ranging from suspension parts such as lowering springs to complete coilover kits, STORM SPRING designs and manufactures quality suspension parts for the KDM scene.

Storm Spring is the only 100% independent suspension company in South Korea where they design, manufacture, and test their products on their own.
Their springs are manufactured by cold forming steel and boasts light weight and strong/durable construction.






KDMHolic is a South Korea and USA based importer and distributor of automotive parts and accessories.

The company was founded in 2014 and it specializes in aftermarket auto parts for Hyundai, Kia, and GM vehicles.


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Our goal is to provide Korean automobile (Hyundai and KIA) owners the best quality aftermarket body parts and accessories designed and made in South Korea.














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